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Provide homeowners with unbiased, measurable data on every real estate agent in New York City.

Data-Driven Real Estate Launched in New York City in November 2022, Agent Index leverages transparent closing records to measure the performance of every real estate agent in the city, providing sellers with a critical metric: the Closing Rate. This rate represents the percentage at which an agent successfully closes on a listing they obtained as an exclusive listing. For the first time, sellers can evaluate agents based on objective, quantifiable data rather than subjective impressions. Agent Index empowers sellers to make informed decisions, much like how investors rely on financial metrics to evaluate stocks or how sports analysts use statistics to assess athletes' performance. In essence, Agent Index is democratizing access to information, breaking down the barriers that have long shielded the real estate industry from scrutiny. It's a classic case of Aggregation Theory in action: by providing a superior user experience and aggregating valuable data, The Agent Index is positioning itself as the go-to platform for sellers seeking high-performing agents. The Network Effect and Beyond Agent Index's potential extends beyond transparency. As more sellers utilize the platform, agents will be incentivized to improve their performance to attract more clients. The platform's impact could reverberate throughout the real estate industry, challenging long-held assumptions and reshaping the competitive landscape. In a world where data is the ultimate currency, agents will need to adapt or risk obsolescence. A Vision for the Future Agent Index represents a future where data drives decision-making, where transparency fosters trust, and where consumers are empowered to make the best choices for themselves. In this future, the real estate industry will no longer be an opaque and inscrutable domain. Instead, it will be a dynamic and responsive ecosystem, where agents compete on merit and where sellers have the tools they need to succeed.

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